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   If you wish to buy some of our products, please contact with your closest shop.

   Dealers: Any doubt while placing an order, please contact with your usual agent.

  • Making your order

    Once you have selected the products you need, you will have to confirm your order. This means you just have to go through the check out steps without worrying about Delivery address or payment method. Those are pre-configured in the online store. Your preferred delivery address and payment instructions will be sent to you with your final invoice.
  • Payment

    The payment method, in our online shop, is pre-configured. Your real payment method will be proceeded as usual with our warehouse. We just need you to go through steps of Delivery address and Payment method with no modification on our online store, to send your order. Once we receive your order, Our warehouse will organize your invoice and send it to you with shipping costs and payment instruction, as usual.

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To our visitors

Thank you for visiting us. This page has limited access, only for our dealers.

Dealers: Registration can only be done from our warehouse office. If you are  GOYA, QUATRO, or KT dealer and did not received your login access, please send a mail to charlotte@4haiku.es